Kevin Deckert – Lock and key

We all are lock and key
Don’t you see?
Every key fits in two locks
Every lock has two fitting keys
The one for love,
The one for friendship

The problem is, you see
To find as a lock the keys
There are so many fakes
But if you find the one and other
You can just stop to bother
And be happy all life long

As a key, the problem is
To find your locks and then don’t dis
The difficulty with that search
Is that there are so many possibilities
But even if you may not find ‘em
At least you tried, which is important

So just keep looking ‘til you find
Your lock and key, maybe combined
‘cause if you find the two together
It will then be even better
It’s then the person to which you say
I love you, and she’ll say it’s okay
I love you, too, just don’t forget
And if that happens, you’ll never regret
The years you spent with searching……

Kevin Deckert

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